Foreign Volunteers in High Demand

Foreign Volunteers in High Demand

As an increasing tourism industry transforms Vietnam, some of these visitors are taking a more direct approach in propelling the country, and its people.

Several families living in rural areas of the country are unable to pay their children’s school fees, with foreign volunteers in high demand to help out and mentor local kids.

Natural Reaction Episode 2- Octopuses, Protobabies and the Secrets of the Universe

Thank you to Prof. Tamara Davis, for allowing us to pick her brains today regarding some of the awesome research she’s doing in the world of astrophysics.

Today we discussed octopuses, protobabies, tiny invisibility cloaks and unlocked the secrets to the universe.

For great conversations, quality banter, excellent music and of course, the latest in science news…Tune in Mondays at 4pm for Natural Reaction on JAC Radio or listen to the podcast.

(Unfortunately podcast listeners will miss the first 2 minutes of the show. There were a few technical difficulties… but we made it through.)

Natural Reaction

Natural Reaction combines your weekly science news needs, with just the right amount of humour and rock and roll.

With a star-studded line-up including four science kids and occasionally actual scientists you know you are in safe hands.

Connor Ogilvie and Christopher Hart are first year students, with a love for physics and the galaxy. Izzy Ariff is a 3rd year SciJour student with a major in Biochemistry and a love of puns, and Jacinta Bowler is a fourth year SciJour student majoring in microbiology and genetics. She promises her mum she will graduate eventually.

Praise for the show includes such generous and short-sighted phrases as: “It is good”, “Try talking less”, and “You’re still a disappointment, Connor”.

Listen every Monday at 4pm, or check out the podcast.

Culture Cloud Episode 15



On this Installment of Culture Cloud we delve into the goss surrounding the latest season of Game of Thrones. Then Shi explains the strange pop-cultural phenomenon that’s causing swollen lips worldwide. Finally, we also have a report on a local Pokemon tournament.

Unfortunately, this is Shi’s last show with us. We wish you the best on your travels!

TEDxUQ Interview

TEDxUQ X Radio UQ Interview

Matt Gunawardana and Monty Quaife-Ryan from TEDxUQ came and had a chat with us about their upcoming event.

The event takes place on Saturday, 23 May 2015.
For those who aren’t attending the official event, make sure to pen TEDxUQ Greenroom into your weekend schedule. Come on down to Sir Llew Edwards Building, Terrace Room on the St Lucia campus to catch the action (and generous supplies of popcorn)!

Photo credits to Paul Smith and Bohdi Connolly

Not Even Once – Guess Whom

The world of radio can be a taxing one, so this week Henry and Jimmy decided they would take it easy and relax with a good old game of Guess Who. Or so they thought. Witness radio history as the boys delve (perhaps a little too) deeply into the lives of the characters and, in turn, themselves.