Culture Cloud Episode 5


This week on Culture Cloud we have an interview with The Growler’s frontman Brookes Nielsen, as well as a movie review of Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken. We also let you know what’s happening this weekend and discuss the intricacies of our national holiday.

Produced by Daniel Pickering, Shi Ng and Patrick Auld for JACRadio at the University of Queensland.

Listen to these songs:
Client Liason – Pretty Lovers
Wet – You’re the Best
JUCE – The Other One

Culture Cloud – Episode 4

This week on Culture Cloud we revisit the historic Battle for Brisbane, check in with our favourite fairy tales with a review of Into the Woods, and discuss Australia’s recent banning of an upcoming video game.

Produced by Daniel Pickering, Shi Ng and Patrick Auld for JACRadio at the University of Queensland.

Listen to these songs:
KONGOS – I Want to Know
Alt-J – Every Other Freckle
The Growlers – Going Gets Tuff

Culture Cloud – Introduction

Culture Cloud is a weekly show that brings you the latest in arts, entertainment and events across Brisbane. Featuring reports from music events, cultural festivals and other live performances, we’ll strive to show you the best of Brisbane’s expansive arts scene. In addition, we’ll play our top music tracks of the week, keep you informed with up-and-coming events and sate your appetite for critique with weekly movie reviews. Produced by Daniel Pickering, Shi Ng and Patrick Auld.

Tune in Fridays at 6pm on JACRadio!

Not Even Once – Bad Boys of Comedy (BBoC)

In this episode the gang discovers an unreleased news report on completely legal (but bad) gangs. They discuss the prestigious rival award ceremony of the Golden Globes. And Henry discovers what it feels like when people abuse another’s generosity.

Radio UQ – Episode 4

Ample news was produced in the past week beginning with a study published by UQ scientists in the renowned journal, Nature, to a study released by the UQ Rural Clinical School revealing doctors trained in rural areas tend to eventually practice rurally.
Fraser, Nao and Eve brought you the news and upcoming events here at The University of Queensland.
We featured the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law on this weeks show – the BEL Faculty has achieved various successes over the past year.
Next week will have President of the Journalism and Communications Students society, Ashleigh Hopkins on the show with us – a great opportunity to discuss, as current Journalism/Communications students, what information we would have benefited from prior to commencing our degrees.

Radio UQ – Episode 3

It’s our first show back from the new year’s holiday. The St Lucia campus isn’t very busy at all, but Fraser and Nao have been gearing up for their third Radio UQ show.
If you are looking for motivation to face this daunting new academic year, why not check out what valedictorians had to say at their graduation ceremonies? Radio UQ has created a montage of five inspirational speeches which may make you rethink that existential crisis.
This episode we feature news and events from 2014. From the TTCC outrage to #ObamaUQ, the university has seen a plethora of exciting, thought-provoking events. Tune in as Fraser and Nao reveal (with incredible bias) the best and worst of 2014!
Make sure you are tuned in next Tuesday, 4PM to be kept in the know regarding issues and events on and off campus!