By Josie Harvey

The 2014 Brisbane G20 will be affecting those living rough on the streets of the CBD. Police and MICAH Projects are collaborating to rectify these issues. However, activist groups such as Occupy G20 Brisbane are concerned that removing the homeless from the streets reflects negative government intentions towards the disadvantaged.

Flying – Foxes Love Them Or Hate Them

Flying-foxes – flying, nocturnal, placental mammals – play an important role in pollinating and dispersing seeds of many of our forest tree species and are protected under the Nature Conservation Act 1992. [..]

UQU Presidential Candidates

Join Mick Doyle as he interviews the presidential candidates for the University of Queensland Union in 2015.

LIFT – Jared Peut

THRIVE – Fiona Gipps

REFORM – Kathryn Cramp

ROCKET – Tinker Ray

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