Tonight on Culture Cloud we interview Pepero, a Brisbane-based Korean Pop dance group. Then it’s on to a review of the controversial new comedy Get Hard. Finally, we wrap up with a gig guide for the week ahead.

Watch Pepero Dance here:

Listen to these songs:
Ice Cream Cake – Red Velvet
Meet me in the Woods – Lord Huron
Rumoured to be Real – Bees Knees


In this edition of Culture Cloud, we have a special guest in the studio. Her name is Lucille, and she explains the concept of social enterprise, and how it can help young people. We also go over the recent release of Netflix, weighing it up against rival services Stan and Presto.

Listen to these songs:
Giant Peach – Wolf Alice
Pay no Mind ft. Passion Pit – Madeon


Today we’re discussing some heavy topics. First up is domestic violence and racism in the media, then we give you a rundown on the phenomenon known as polyphasic sleep. As per usual, we update you on gigs happening all across Brisbane.

Listen to these songs:
Realiti – Grimes
The Beach – Thieves
News Scatters – Noyes