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G20 Homelessness

By Josie Harvey

The 2014 Brisbane G20 will be affecting those living rough on the streets of the CBD. Police and MICAH Projects are collaborating to rectify these issues. However, activist groups such as Occupy G20 Brisbane are concerned that removing the homeless from the streets reflects negative government intentions towards the disadvantaged.

Exchange Kitchen

Exchange Kitchen is a digital radio show brought you by Tamara and Zinzan from the University of Queensland, Australia.

We hang out, have a good time and talk to some of the coolest foreign exchange students in Australia.

Tune in to hear the students take an ‘Aussie Test’, listen to overseas beats and find out what the rest of the world thinks of us.

We also have a weekly food review before the show where a lucky guest brings us a dish from their home country to sample. You can check it out and more on our YouTube channel.


When: 6PM Wednesday on JacRadio.