The 2X Auspol team examine issues dominating foreign policy during the week, such as the sentencing of the Bali Nine duo, the US presidential race, and the Jordanian King’s response to the IS killing of a national pilot.

Hosted by Annabelle Conaghan & Kimberly Phillips, produced by Mel Keyte. With stories by Mel Keyte (Bali Nine duo sentencing), Andrew Thorpe (US Presidential election) and Courtney Lawler (Jordanian King’s response to IS). Originally aired on on February 17th, 2015.


In the wake of the unsuccessful leadership spill attempt against Tony Abbott, the 2XAuspol crew take a look at the tumultuous goings-on in the national capital.

Hosted by Aimee Hourigan, Andrew Thorpe & Annabelle Conaghan, produced by Andrew Thorpe. With stories by Mel Keyte (backbenchers in revolt) and Kimberley Phillips (women in Canberra). Originally aired on, February 10 2015



The 2XAuspol crew take on an issue close to heart – gender equality. Joined by the UQ Union’s Women’s Officer Amy Jelacic, they also discuss issues such as women in politics, domestic violence, and equal pay.

Hosted by Aimee Hourigan & Kimberley Phillips, produced by Andrew Thorpe. With stories by Mel Keyte (female representation in Queensland parliament), Andrew Thorpe (Peta Credlin) and Aimee Hourigan (gender equality in the modern world). Originally aired on, February 2 2015.