Today we’re discussing some heavy topics. First up is domestic violence and racism in the media, then we give you a rundown on the phenomenon known as polyphasic sleep. As per usual, we update you on gigs happening all across Brisbane.

Listen to these songs:
Realiti – Grimes
The Beach – Thieves
News Scatters – Noyes



This week we ruminate on cultural vandalism by tourists in Rome, and give you a primer on the loudest, fastest races on Earth.

Listen to these songs:
Crazy – Thief
Let it Happen – Tame Impala

Lewis Hamilton interview excerpt taken from: www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRzP7cVOi1k


This week we delve into the furor surrounding the Liberal Party’s decision to hold its Women’s Day event at a male-only club, while also bringing you the latest in tech and gaming news from the annual Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco.

Listen to these songs:
Passion Pit – Where the Sky Hangs
So Much Light – Abandoned Hospital Island
Ásgeir – King and Cross

Ken Birdwell clip sourced from an interview with Tested.com; watch it here www.youtube.com/watch?v=leg2gS6ShZw