Natural Reaction Episode 4: Glowing Mice, Echoless Light and Deja Vu

On this episode of Natural Reaction, we discuss how to make mice glow, how echoless light works, why deja vu occurs and how to extend life… of atoms.


Natural Reaction Episode 3- Nobel Prizes, DNGAY and lots of water

On this episode of Natural Reaction we ask the big philosophical questions, and then promptly pack them back in the box they came from. We actually talk about Nobel prizes, a Mars treaty and why you’re gay. After three weeks away we come back swinging. Listen to us every Monday at 4pm live on ¬†Jacradio.





Natural Reaction Episode 2- Octopuses, Protobabies and the Secrets of the Universe

Thank you to Prof. Tamara Davis, for allowing us to pick her brains today regarding some of the awesome research she’s doing in the world of astrophysics.

Today we discussed octopuses, protobabies, tiny invisibility cloaks and unlocked the secrets to the universe.

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(Unfortunately podcast listeners will miss the first 2 minutes of the show. There were a few technical difficulties… but we made it through.)