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A bold comedy podcast which seeks to experiment with sound, airwaves and audible vibrations. Join Henry and Jimmy each week as they inject themselves into an already over-saturated industry. Comedy… With a capital C. Because it was the start of a sentence. A life sentence. Of comedy.

Not Even Once – Guess Whom

The world of radio can be a taxing one, so this week Henry and Jimmy decided they would take it easy and relax with a good old game of Guess Who. Or so they thought. Witness radio history as the boys delve (perhaps a little too) deeply into the lives of the characters and, in turn, themselves.

Not Even Once – The Middle of Lunch

This week Henry and Jimmy find $5 on the ground and decide to use it for a prize giveaway! They discuss their experience in a ‘toning’ class with 60 other girls, and Zinzan drops in to tell us a story of when his pants dropped down!

They also discuss vine sensation Jerome Jarre and the formula for instant fame.

Not Even Once – Tag Your Aunty

This week Henry and Jimmy invite some political experts into the studio, begin a new revolution of tagging aunties in facebook posts (because they deserve recognition) and they pitch two movie ideas for you to vote on! Vote by just telling them on facebook or something. Winning movie gets a (radio) trailer made for next week.

Not Even Once – Good One Tobias

Welcome back to Not Even Once! Henry and Jimmy are back again in your ear-holes and this week they talk about cricket, we think. The fellas obtained a leaked copy of Campbell Newman’s post-election recovery and they even interview special guest, Katie about a new comedy project –


Not Even Once – Bad Boys of Comedy (BBoC)

In this episode the gang discovers an unreleased news report on completely legal (but bad) gangs. They discuss the prestigious rival award ceremony of the Golden Globes. And Henry discovers what it feels like when people abuse another’s generosity.