2X Auspol Episode Four – Technology

The 2XAuspol crew discuss changing technology and its effect on our lives – from the benefits it offers to the issues it raises about free speech in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris.

Hosted by Aimee Hourigan & Andrew Thorpe, produced by Andrew Thorpe. With stories by Annabelle Conaghan (NBN rollout), Aimee Hourigan (technology in the classroom), Kimberley Phillips (social media’s impact on journalism) and Mel Keyte (hashtag activism). Originally aired on jacradio.com.au, January 19 2014.


2X Auspol Episode Three – Health

The 2XAuspol crew discuss mental health initiatives, abortion rights and what’s going on with the federal government’s proposed GP co-payment.

Hosted by Aimee Hourigan & Annabelle Conaghan, produced by Andrew Thorpe. With stories by Mel Keyte (mental health policy) and Kimberley Phillips (abortion access). Originally aired on jacradio.com.au, January 12 2015.


2X Auspol Episode Two – Environment

The 2XAuspol crew take a look at environmental issues, specifically what action is being taken to mitigate the effects of global climate change.

Hosted by Aimee Hourigan & Mel Keyte, produced by Andrew Thorpe. With stories by Annabelle Conaghan (Lima climate conference), Aimee Hourigan (the Great Barrier Reef), Andrew Thorpe (local government planning) and Kimberley Phillips (fossil fuel divestment). Originally aired on jacradio.com.au, December 15 2014.



2X Auspol Episode One – Education

The 2XAuspol crew take a look at the contentious issue of education funding policy in Australia, and discuss what parents expect from politicians with local mum Seren Trump.

Hosted by Aimee Hourigan & Kimberley Phillips, produced by Andrew Thorpe. With stories by Annabelle Conaghan (higher education reforms) and Mel Keyte (Queensland’s Education Accord). Originally aired on jacradio.com.au, December 8 2014.



Not Even Once – The Middle of Lunch

This week Henry and Jimmy find $5 on the ground and decide to use it for a prize giveaway! They discuss their experience in a ‘toning’ class with 60 other girls, and Zinzan drops in to tell us a story of when his pants dropped down!

They also discuss vine sensation Jerome Jarre and the formula for instant fame.

Suboi - Vietnam’s first female rapper

Vietnam’s First Female Rapper

Australia has Iggy Azalea, Vietnam has Subio, the country’s first female rapper. Suboi credits Eminem for helping her learn English and she makes her American debut this month. I had chance to have quick chat with Suboi (before the internet went down). This is her short story.

Not Even Once – Tag Your Aunty

This week Henry and Jimmy invite some political experts into the studio, begin a new revolution of tagging aunties in facebook posts (because they deserve recognition) and they pitch two movie ideas for you to vote on! Vote by just telling them on facebook or something. Winning movie gets a (radio) trailer made for next week.

Not Even Once – Good One Tobias

Welcome back to Not Even Once! Henry and Jimmy are back again in your ear-holes and this week they talk about cricket, we think. The fellas obtained a leaked copy of Campbell Newman’s post-election recovery and they even interview special guest, Katie about a new comedy project – TheObiter.com


Culture Cloud Episode 10

This week we delve into the furor surrounding the Liberal Party’s decision to hold its Women’s Day event at a male-only club, while also bringing you the latest in tech and gaming news from the annual Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco.

Listen to these songs:
Passion Pit – Where the Sky Hangs
So Much Light – Abandoned Hospital Island
Ásgeir – King and Cross

Ken Birdwell clip sourced from an interview with Tested.com; watch it here www.youtube.com/watch?v=leg2gS6ShZw