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Radio UQ – Episode 4

Ample news was produced in the past week beginning with a study published by UQ scientists in the renowned journal, Nature, to a study released by the UQ Rural Clinical School revealing doctors trained in rural areas tend to eventually practice rurally.
Fraser, Nao and Eve brought you the news and upcoming events here at The University of Queensland.
We featured the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law on this weeks show – the BEL Faculty has achieved various successes over the past year.
Next week will have President of the Journalism and Communications Students society, Ashleigh Hopkins on the show with us – a great opportunity to discuss, as current Journalism/Communications students, what information we would have benefited from prior to commencing our degrees.

Exchange Kitchen

Exchange Kitchen is a digital radio show brought you by Tamara and Zinzan from the University of Queensland, Australia.

We hang out, have a good time and talk to some of the coolest foreign exchange students in Australia.

Tune in to hear the students take an ‘Aussie Test’, listen to overseas beats and find out what the rest of the world thinks of us.

We also have a weekly food review before the show where a lucky guest brings us a dish from their home country to sample. You can check it out and more on our YouTube channel.


When: 6PM Wednesday on JacRadio.

Extra Time

Extra Time

JACRadio’s sports hour is on Thursday’s at 1pm when Extra Time hits the airwaves. Mick and Brendan give a comprehensive look at the Australian sporting landscape, reflecting and predicting the outcomes.

These two men are seasoned couch coaches who are not afraid to give their opinion and predict the unlikely.

UQ’s sports wrap is Extra Time, on every Thursday.