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TEDxUQ Interview

TEDxUQ X Radio UQ Interview

Matt Gunawardana and Monty Quaife-Ryan from TEDxUQ came and had a chat with us about their upcoming event.

The event takes place on Saturday, 23 May 2015.
For those who aren’t attending the official event, make sure to pen TEDxUQ Greenroom into your weekend schedule. Come on down to Sir Llew Edwards Building, Terrace Room on the St Lucia campus to catch the action (and generous supplies of popcorn)!

Photo credits to Paul Smith and Bohdi Connolly

2X Auspol Episode Eight – Foriegn Politics

The 2X Auspol team examine issues dominating foreign policy during the week, such as the sentencing of the Bali Nine duo, the US presidential race, and the Jordanian King’s response to the IS killing of a national pilot.

Hosted by Annabelle Conaghan & Kimberly Phillips, produced by Mel Keyte. With stories by Mel Keyte (Bali Nine duo sentencing), Andrew Thorpe (US Presidential election) and Courtney Lawler (Jordanian King’s response to IS). Originally aired on JACRadio.com.au on February 17th, 2015.

2X Auspol Episode Seven – Federal Politics

In the wake of the unsuccessful leadership spill attempt against Tony Abbott, the 2XAuspol crew take a look at the tumultuous goings-on in the national capital.

Hosted by Aimee Hourigan, Andrew Thorpe & Annabelle Conaghan, produced by Andrew Thorpe. With stories by Mel Keyte (backbenchers in revolt) and Kimberley Phillips (women in Canberra). Originally aired on jacradio.com.au, February 10 2015


2X Auspol Episode Six – Gender Equality

The 2XAuspol crew take on an issue close to heart – gender equality. Joined by the UQ Union’s Women’s Officer Amy Jelacic, they also discuss issues such as women in politics, domestic violence, and equal pay.

Hosted by Aimee Hourigan & Kimberley Phillips, produced by Andrew Thorpe. With stories by Mel Keyte (female representation in Queensland parliament), Andrew Thorpe (Peta Credlin) and Aimee Hourigan (gender equality in the modern world). Originally aired on jacradio.com.au, February 2 2015.


2X Auspol Episode Four – Technology

The 2XAuspol crew discuss changing technology and its effect on our lives – from the benefits it offers to the issues it raises about free speech in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris.

Hosted by Aimee Hourigan & Andrew Thorpe, produced by Andrew Thorpe. With stories by Annabelle Conaghan (NBN rollout), Aimee Hourigan (technology in the classroom), Kimberley Phillips (social media’s impact on journalism) and Mel Keyte (hashtag activism). Originally aired on jacradio.com.au, January 19 2014.


2X Auspol Episode Three – Health

The 2XAuspol crew discuss mental health initiatives, abortion rights and what’s going on with the federal government’s proposed GP co-payment.

Hosted by Aimee Hourigan & Annabelle Conaghan, produced by Andrew Thorpe. With stories by Mel Keyte (mental health policy) and Kimberley Phillips (abortion access). Originally aired on jacradio.com.au, January 12 2015.


2X Auspol Episode Two – Environment

The 2XAuspol crew take a look at environmental issues, specifically what action is being taken to mitigate the effects of global climate change.

Hosted by Aimee Hourigan & Mel Keyte, produced by Andrew Thorpe. With stories by Annabelle Conaghan (Lima climate conference), Aimee Hourigan (the Great Barrier Reef), Andrew Thorpe (local government planning) and Kimberley Phillips (fossil fuel divestment). Originally aired on jacradio.com.au, December 15 2014.



Culture Cloud Episode 10

This week we delve into the furor surrounding the Liberal Party’s decision to hold its Women’s Day event at a male-only club, while also bringing you the latest in tech and gaming news from the annual Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco.

Listen to these songs:
Passion Pit – Where the Sky Hangs
So Much Light – Abandoned Hospital Island
Ásgeir – King and Cross

Ken Birdwell clip sourced from an interview with Tested.com; watch it here www.youtube.com/watch?v=leg2gS6ShZw

Culture Cloud Episode 8

In this edition of Culture Cloud, we go over the dangers of whiplash in motor accidents, along with a discussion about music copyright law. Then we summarize the Grammies and the BAFTA Awards, before speculating on the latest Oscar nominees. As always, we finish the show with an overview of gigs coming up this weekend!

Listen to these songs:
Herban Empire – What’s Supposed to Be
Alt-J – Warm Foothills
Shakey Graves – A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Culture Cloud Episode 7

This week we chat with local fashion designer and tutor Kiara Bulley about GoMA’s recent Japanese fashion exhibit, before diving into discussions about aeroplane accidents and the Bali 9.
We wrap up the show with some tips on how to spend the weekend.

The Stitchery Collective – stitchery.ci.qut.edu.au/

Listen to these songs:
Kishi Bashi – The Ballad of Mr Steak
The Bright Light Social Hour – Infinite Cities
The Preatures – Ordinary